21 February 2011

Dan Amos Documentary

My fascination with the brilliant Dan Amos continues. His music, via band Burglarised, as previously posted about on this blog twice and on social media apps countless times, is distorted, effortlessly incredible pop music. Thankfully the guys from Illness are keeping my Dan Amos needs fulfilled, and have made this short documentary on him, his music, and why it's so brilliant and fascinating. Check it out below.

DAN AMOS vs THE FANS from Illness on Vimeo.

Download Burglarised/Dan Amos full album Thunderheart here, or listen to and grab some individual tracks below.

Dan Amos/Burglarised - It Doesn't Happen Often

Dan Amos/Burglarised - See What I Can Do

Dan Amos / Burglarised BF post | Illness BF post | Illness website

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