9 February 2011


When a certain kind of middle class folk talk of ambience, they mean how many working class or rowdy people there are in any given place – a restaurant, a cinema, a gig venue. When I talk of ambience, I mean this – the music of Austin-based artist Miles Kelley.

His free EP These Things I Know is five tracks of beautiful, laid back, wistful sounds, all of consistently high electro-ambient quality, with hints of folk and pop. These Things I Know, for instance, is 4 minutes of tender noise and crackles before a laid back and delicate bass-snare beat kicks in, with harmonic “aah”s, and Yr. Escape is of similar, though perhaps catchier, chilled out vain. Grey Skies and Ocean Girl are slightly less minimal; slightly faster-paced, more energetic, and with louder bass beats, but they still won’t stir you from your mid-noon semi-snooze.

It reminds me of Lemon Jelly, which I find awesome in itself, let alone the fact that this is generally just lovely, magical music. Listen and download below, or download the entire thing from bandcamp for free – which is also packed full of loads of other releases from Miles, including a sweet cover of Best Coast (also playable below). Brilliant.

Milezo - Yr. Escape

Milezo - Grey Skies

MySpace | Bandcamp

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