13 January 2011

Dan Amos

I've just been sent an album by an artist called Dan Amos from the guys in the band Illness, who are doing their best to share the love of some very, very good and very, very lo-fi experimental psych pop.

Between us, we don’t know much about Dan. We think he’s from Kent, we’re not sure if he plays live, and we’re not sure if he still even makes music anymore but we do know he makes awesome music, and that’s what matters.

Thunderheart is 17 tracks of passion, joy, and a natural flare for writing what seem to be effortlessly brilliant pop songs – dirty synth sounds burst into colour alongside Dan’s weirdo vocals and a catchy drum beat. They might be covered in thick layers upon thick layers of noise and fuzz, but dig below the surface and you will be more than rewarded with sweet, sweet goodness.

Listen and download below, or grab the whole album here.

Dan Amos - You Can Rest Easy Now

Dan Amos - You Get No Protection From Me

Update here.

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