19 January 2011


As much as the lo-fi sound is loved by many, when it’s chosen by a band (rather than forced on them by necessity of lack of equipment/funds etc) I always think it comes as a bit of a risk. As well as those who live the DIY feel, there are always those people (and there are probably more of them) who seem unable to listen to any music that crackles or fuzzes. Of course, a band might not necessarily want this type of person to like their music or be making music with the aim of anyone liking it whatsoever, but it can still be, at times, cutting off a big proportion of potential fans or gig-goers.

Brighton two-piece Illness go one further by opting for the lo-fi sound, as well as deciding against any vocals whatsoever; making noisey, scrappy instrumental math-meets-punk-meets-blues-y rock – cutting out both those potential fans who don’t like lo-fi and those who, for whatever bizarre reason, don’t like instrumental music. They deserve credit for making these choices as a band alone, let alone the fact that they’ve managed to make so little sound good.

Naturally, it won’t be to everyone’s tastes but for me it hits the spot and doesn’t even feel like anything is lacking. Illness have a self-released full-length due out in February. Listen to two tracks below or hear more at Tumblr.

Illness - Psychology Serious

Illness - Bedlington Terrier

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