2 March 2013


Blogging for blogging's sake is kind of pointless. I don't write this stuff for the potential 'career' benefit of accidentally stumbling upon a band before they become successful, and I certainly don't do it for the hits - I write about a band for the love of the band. I guess this is just me explaining why the blog hasn't been as active lately as it could have been. That's not to say I'm not finding lots of excellent new music that gets me excited, but I am finding increasingly less time to shout about it. Hello quiet Saturday. Hello excited blog post about Heathers.

I stumbled upon Heathers a few weeks back thanks to a tweet from Cardiff Joanna Gruesome (whose new songs are sounding excellent, by the way) and am very, very thankful to them for that. They're a three-piece from LA and 'Teenage Clothes' is their only song online, but that's okay because it is fucking excellent. Fast-paced, energetic, and catchy sunny indie pop with some really lovely jangly guitar, it's also surprisingly moving and actually really sad thanks to lyrics like "there's no easy way for me to say / there's no easy way for you to stay". Genuine love for this.

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