7 February 2011


This comes lifted pretty much directly from The Pigeon Post, as anybody who follows this blog on Twitter or likes it on Facebook will know, so make sure you head over there at some point to find out abut other bands I might post about in a week or two.

Spacemonster is the work of Kenny Hamilton and he makes the kind of lo-fi, scratchy bedroom pop that I find utterly impossible to resist. Kenny sings with a real honesty and his songs are built up piece by piece, fragile layer after fragile layer. On Swimmer Summer, for instance, Kenny sings to the noise of fuzzy layers of guitar, undoubtedly built up with both effects and loop pedals, and a drum-machine beat so rudimentary it's essentially an out-loud metronome - but the beauty is that the songs need no more than those few ingredients to shine through as the perfect pop songs that they are. Pines, also taken from Kenny's 5-track EP Gills which is available on bandcamp, is great too. It's kind of what you'd expect the result of a collaboration between Johnny Cash and Bradley Cox would sound like - Kenny's fragile and distorted vocals and fairly minimal acoustic guitar strums reminiscent of the musical projects of the latter, whilst a typically country bass-line buonces throughout.

I just adore it, and the EP is well worth the $1 that it seems to now cost on bandcamp. There also seems to be a free album available from HERE which is linked to on Kenny's MySpace. I'm not too sure what it's like yet as I've not had chance to listen (it's downloading now, in fact) but I'm pretty excited to. There's a decent chance it could be somewhat musically different to Gills given that his MySpace page looks to have been abandoned for a (wise) move to bandcamp, and also seeings there seems to have been a band name change in that period too. Alluded to by the URL of his bandcamp page, MySpace sees Spacemonster listed as American Spacemonster. I have faith in Kenny that it'll be darn good though.

Spacemonster - We Are Too

Bandcamp | MySpace

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