8 February 2011

Wanda and Wonder

So yeah. I listen to quite a lot of music. Lots of it is really good, lots of it really isn’t, and there’s lots of it somewhere in between.

I downloaded an EP from Athens duo Wanda and Wonder (not sure what possessed them to decide on that name). Although I found the whole EP at times a little overly cheesey, felt a few songs have a bit too much going on, and generally found it a bit hit and miss and lacking consistency across its 5 songs, I did really like their song Bass Is Nice.

It’s got a kind of Animal Collective thing going on at times, but then I say that about everything so don’t take that too seriously, and is generally just a brilliantly brave song. It’s got a shamelessly (even more so taking into account the song title) catchy bass-line throughout, and vocals that range from really deep to super high pitched, monkey/Animal Collective style “wooh”s and it generally just doesn’t give a shit about anything but having a good time. Stylistically it’s not too different from the psychedelic influenced twisted pop of the other four songs on the album, but just manages to work in a lots going on, nowhere to hide kind of way where some of the other songs don’t quite.

Listen to and grab Bass Is Nice below, head to Last FM to grab some other free songs and also try the rest of the EP (available free here) just to see if you disagree with me or not. You probably will, my taste is rubbish.

Wanda and Wonder - Bass Is Nice

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