3 February 2011

Basement Fever

In case anybody was wondering, this blog is named after a song by an American band called Experimental Dental School, or XDS as I think they're currently known. They have the whole album, Forest Field, that the song is taken from for free at their website, here. It's guitar twang-and-shriek, drums rattle, and vocal sometimes-harmonised weird goodness.

It used to be a guy on guitar and a girl on drums. Now it's the same guy on guitar and a new guy, replacing the girl, presumably on drums. They're in the process of making a new album and it'll most likely be good.

Obviously thanks to them, but also thanks to Cardiff-based gig promoters Loose who put on Experimental Dental School almost two years ago at Buffalo Bar that I decided to attend on the off-chance of it being good. (It was good, by the way).

Listen to Basement Fever and Cheap Winer River (I didn't think that was as good a name for a blog) below.

Experimental Dental School - Basement Fever

Experimental Dental School - Cheap Wine River

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  1. These guys are crazy good! Saw them open for Deerhoof back when the girl was drumming, but it's guitarist/singer Jesse Hall that is worth the price of admission. I've been playing guitar for 30 years, and this guy is like nobody else out there. His Frankenstein guitar sounds like 3 instruments at once. Listen to the last album, which can be downloaded for free at their web site (http://www.experimentaldental.com/free/). And DON'T miss them if they hit your town!