14 February 2011

Eagulls: Debut 7" Released Today

For all the looping synth complexity, twinkling electro sounds, and fancy experimentation around today, it's still good (heck, even refreshing) to hear a band getting hype for writing trusty old guitar led punk songs.

Eagulls are indeed much hyped, but perhaps it's for that very reason. There's no messing about and no pretence, the Leeds band just get on with fairly simple but importantly really good songs. Although their sound is more along classic British rock lines of the likes of Stiff Little Fingers, early Blur, and hints of The Cribs, it comes as no real surprise that Eagulls are formed from the embers hardcore bands. Guitar sounds softed, pace slowed down and throats slightly more lubricated and Eagulls' sound is born.

Their debut 7" is released today through Not Even Records. A list of where it can be bought can be found here.

Council Flat Blues - Eagulls

Acrostical - Eagulls

MySpace | Kudos to The Pigeon Post for being there as early as always


  1. It's a funny old business, eh? We played a track or two by them a while back & at the time there was no buzz whatsoever. Suddenly, almost from nowhere, they're feted & whopped about. Good PR, then, I'm guessing. As well as half-decent post-rock/sk8r-cum-hipster rock compositional skills, of course.

  2. RadarMaker as PR is always going to help a decent amount, but then for them to agree to do PR for you you have to have something going for yourself.