6 April 2012

Gorgeous Bully - I'm A Little Worried

Plymouth artist Gorgeous Bully has been on a few bloggers' radars for a while now (BF first featured him six months back.), and his easily accessible lo-fi pop sound is certainly pleasing on the ear. But if there was one negative thing you could say about musician Thomas Crang's sound was that it can at times be a little too easy. As good as tracks like 'Quiet House' (taken from the Art Is Hard-released 'The Young Obese' EP) are, his sound can sometimes feel there's something lacking.

You might expect that from a musician writing songs on his own in his bedroom at the rate that he does - but his latest track lifts Crang to a whole new level. 'I'm A Little Worried' - which features on the latest beko release - has that same kind of lo-fi, scruffy sound blanketing his catchy pop melodies, but adds a little more texture and emotion. The results: listen for yourself.

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5 April 2012

PINS - Eleventh Hour

Some people will tell you that haunting is an empty word to describe music, that it doesn't mean anything. I disagree. Take a listen to PINS and tell me you don't get a shiver down your spine.

After supporting Veronica Falls in their hometown of Manchester and playing at the Best Fit Records launch in London a few weeks back, 'Eleventh Hour' is the three-piece's debut track. Self-released today on cassette and digitally - its dark, brooding, distorted sound gripping from the off and refusing to let go. 'Keep an eye' on these.

Stream 'Eleventh Hour' below, order the cassette, or watch its accompanying video on Vimeo.

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4 April 2012

Splashh - Somethings New

If you haven't heard of London three-piece Splashh yet, that's fine, they are very new. But now's the time to wait no longer - with new effort 'Somethings Here'.

Following on from the Art Is Hard Pizza Club-released 'All I Wanna Do' - the excellent lo-fi introductory track that led to them receiving over 500 likes on Facebook in just over a month - 'Somethings Here' shows they're likely to live up to the hype that's building around them. Energetic, catchy, and bloody well exciting fuzzy garage rock. "Hey, hey hey."

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