17 February 2011


So a few weeks ago I pretty much called Ryan Gabel a weirdo when talking about his music project Arc Light, in an introducing article over on ThisIsFakeDIY. I didn’t have much to base that assessment on, just an album or so of material under his solo work as Arc Light, but it looks like it may have been a fair assessment after all, with fresh evidence coming from his new project, Myrrh.

This time Ryan is working with a friend (named Landan, apparently), who seems to bring out an even weirder side. Myrrh has a similar lo-fi and psychedelic feel to his Arc Light work, only it’s even darker and spookier. Club (Drum Sound Life), for instance, opens with weird and echoing vocal samples which are then joined by fairly minimal bleeping and echoing synth lines which lasts throughout. There’s not much more to Way Body Moves, either – buzzing bass, random bleeping synth, wah-ing noise, and spooky vocal samples once more.

It’s hauntingly empty of any of the ingredients we usually associate with songs, but it just works. Listen and download two tracks below, or head to Myrrh’s website to download five-track N’ajzabi Beats for free.

Myrrh - Great Gathering

Myrrh - Club (Drum Sound Life)

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