28 February 2011


I've been trying to find some information about and hear more music of Trogons since better-blog Pinglewood posted about them back in November. I figured that I'd wait around and, given how great the song was that was shared back then, information, more music and a buzz of excitement would have fallen in my lap by now. For some reason it hasn't, and Trogons still seem as little known now as they did back then - a mere 138 Last FM plays from 51 listeners and only 1 post on HypeMachine, at time of writing.

Trogons are based in London, and are apparently formed of current/ex members of the likes of Kasms, Betty and the Werewolvees, Spin Spin The Dogs, and The Human Race (posted about on BF here). Their sound is dark psychedelic rock - with distorted guitar twangs, underlying unsettling synth sounds and brilliant, dark and troubling female vocals - as well as some hints of both 60s pop and 70s prog. It possibly shouldn't work, but it most certainly does, and these few words can not do it the justice it deserves.

This blog post is unlikely to give them the success they deserve as a band, but hopefully they can find it somehow or another. The Marc Riley session a few days ago should help, as would buying their music; do that here and here. Listen below, too.

Protest Song no.678 - Trogons


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