11 February 2011

Youth Castles

Nothing overly original or groundbreaking, but three tracks of Jesus And Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine heavy influence from New York/New Jersey’s Youth Castles.

Hangover Kid starts with a fairly basic high-pitched guitar lick but a drum machine and countless guitar pedals and vocals effects later it becomes something all the more intriguing and interesting – like much of shoegaze, these are essentially pop songs wrapped in blankets of noise. Youth Castles do it pretty well, and tey also add interesting tweaks here and there, such as on Feel, where the typical MBV woo-ing synth noise is replaced by a female vocal sample which works really well and is a nice touch.

There are far worse bands to be influenced by. Grab stuff below or head to bandcamp. Full EP expected ‘in Spring’.

Youth Castles - Problems

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