30 January 2011


So it turns out when I was writing about Dan Amos a few weeks back I might have actually been talking about the band Burglarised. Dan Amos may have been a pretty main member, but still, should have probably got my facts right.

Also, it turns out that Burglarised have a good few releases to their name (according to their MySpace, 7 EPs or LPs, one as recent as last year) including Thunderheart!, which I posted about it. It also looks like Burglarised were played on Radio 1 by Rob Da Bank back in 2006 and also received some online press here and here (some of it pretty amusing in its criticism of the lo-fi sound before it was so common).

Obviously it doesn't make the music any worse. If anything it makes the whole lo-fi thing deserve even more respect in that Dan/Burglarised did it a long time before it was widely popular. But it does make me a rubbish blogger and for this I am sorry. I hope you accept my apologies. I also hope you love their music. I think it's great. Enjoy the utterly brilliant You Can Rest Easy Now, by BAND, Burglarised, below.

Burglarised - You Can Rest Easy Now

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