4 February 2011

Music For Your Plants

It’s not every day you stumble across a new band who are opting for the progressive rock sound. Sure, Mystery Jets started with some heavy prog influences and wrote a few 8 minute songs, but then they went all cheesey 80s pop on us. It’s understandable why lots of bands steer clear of the prog sound or perhaps even why Mystery Jets moved away from it. Given it’s a genre best known for being over-dramatic, pretentious, and boastful, and being eventually ended by the anger and lack of fussing around of the punk movement, it’d take a brave and perhaps foolhardy band to recreate the prog sounds - especially if they had any slight desire to gain a fan-base that doesn’t consist solely of 60 something-year-old long-haired men who simply won’t let go. Music For Your Plants might just be that brave band.

Although the Estonian group are no King Crimson, the experimental and instrumental songs taken from their EP released a few months give more than just a nod to the 70s prog sound; giving it a spruced-up twist that might even get the kids of today listening in, a bit like those children’s cartoons that are secretly teaching the kids how to do their sums. Combining the synonymous with prog drawn-out guitar lines, and the lack of vocals, with twinkling and bubbling electro blips and perhaps more of a self-awareness, Music For Your Plants bring a freshened and turned-hip prog sound, along with modern contemporaries perhaps such as Drum Eyes, to the 2010’s in real style.

It’s about time it made a comeback anyway, right? Listen and download some tracks from their EP below, or grab the whole thing here.

Music For Your Plants - Mr. Huanted

Music For Your Plants - A City In The Sea

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