24 February 2011

New Years Evil

As much as I gripe and moan about Plymouth – its lack of cultural goings on especially in the field of music, its general right-wing attitudes, even its geographical location – it is good to know that there are some good things going on not all that far away.

New Years Evil are based in Exeter. For those not so clued up on the south-west of England, that’s about an hour train journey (which, in these parts, is considered city-neighbours). I’m not overly fond of having to travel an hour for gigs and the like, but they’re making sounds well worth 60 minutes of bad company and cramped, smelly conditions. Kind of abrasive and almost grungey, yet still accessible and with songs that are at least a little bit ‘pop’, they make me pull funny faces and nod my head at a pace I usually try to refrain from. Widely blogged “Shame” is guitar riffing, care-free vocal, and drum-rolling fun whereas “100 Guitars” sounds like a made-up-on-the-spot bedroom-recorded jam. They’re also one of Art Is Hard Records releases, which, for me, is confirmation of their goodness.

Check out some tracks below, buy the split 7" with The Black Tambourines over at Art Is Hard Records, and download a free cassette tape (however that's possible) and buy some other stuff at their bandcamp page. If you're interested, you can also check out my blog post on split release buddies The Black Tambourines here and label chums Art Is Hard interview here.

New Years Evil - Shame

NEW YEARS EVIL - 100 Guitars

Bandcamp | SoundCloud | Art Is Hard Records

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