29 November 2011


Whether a sneaky attempt to make sure their music is listened to, or a genuine note of interest, new bands letting you know which other bands they're friends with does seem to work in some roundabout way. On contacting me for the first time a few weeks back, Playlounge noted that BF had recently covered their friend's band YRRS. How could I not listen? YRRS are ace. And so, as it just so happens, are their good old buddies Playlounge.

The two-piece from London make a loud, melodic racket - sounding a lot deeper than you'd expect from just guitar, drums, and vocals. It's catchy pop fun with plenty of noisy guitar - so all you kids too ashamed to say you listen to pop can still get away with it. Oh, and they even follow Dolfinz on SoundCloud. Maybe I should introduce them to Joanna Gruesome, too.

Playlounge - Orange Friends

Playlounge - Friendshift

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24 November 2011

New: The Black Tambourines - 27 - 25 Blues

News of a new EP from Falmouth's The Black Tambourines has been a fairly long time coming, but judging from '27 - 25 Blues' it looks like it may well have been well worth the wait. The band's third EP Chica will get a release on cassette through the ever-excellent Art Is Hard Records on 19th December, they've announced, and along with the cassette you can also get a fancy t-shirt and poster too.

Although still vaguely surfy and lo-fi, much like the four-piece's work to date, '27 - 25 Blues' feels more mature, more thought-through, and more wholesome than much of the (already very good) stuff that they've made before. The guitar lines are the perfect blend of dirty and catchy, and the harmony vocals on the chorus continue to rattle around your head long after the first spin. It's pop music, but not as most people know it - and it's bloody good.

The Black Tambourines - 27 - 25 Blues

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20 November 2011

New: Athletes

A few weeks ago we posted about mysterious Danish artist Athletes and their song Raincoats - an excellent track mixing the sounds of The Cure and My Bloody Valentine in an unusually original and exciting way. Thanks to a tip off by Vocododo, we've now stumbled upon two new tracks from them - and they're both stunning. Anyone fond of the Blouse album out a few weeks back, or those with a soft spot for interesting, inspiring, textured pop music, pay attention.

Athletes - Nowhere

Athletes - Fall Apart

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19 November 2011

Le Pécheur

The world of music blogging is an odd and fickle one. Should I care that Altered Zones blogged about Le Pécheur before I managed to? No, of course not. If anything I should be happy that a band I like are getting the attention that I feel they deserve. But I do care. I'm sorry. I do.

I suppose what I'm actually annoyed at is my own laziness to not post it sooner. Still, listen to the excellently psychedelic and interest sounds of the London/France artist now and try to forget that Altered Zones got there first, if you can. And buy their album, out through Azbin Records when it comes out next month.

Voodoo by Le Pécheur

Torture by Le Pécheur

Apocalypse by Le Pécheur

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14 November 2011

Saturday's Kids - Black Pocket

It's been a while since we heard new material from Saturday's Kids, which makes this post all the more exciting, for me at least. The young South Wales band are due to put out a new 7" early next year, and 'Black Pocket' is one of the songs taken from it. Carrying the same kind of youthful, post-punk angst that we've grown to love in their previous work; the four-piece also continue to make massive forward strides in sound with this release. They're not content to sit still and be comfortable, and they're all the better for it. Catch them playing two live dates with Future of the Left later this month

Saturday's Kids - Black Pocket

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13 November 2011

New: Peepholes - Tunnels

Peepholes have announced news of an upcoming LP - Caligula will come out through Upset The Rhythm on November 28. To anyone who has heard the dark electronic sounds of the Brighton/London duo before this will be good news. Those less aware of their work need simply to hear 'Tunnels' - the excellent lead single to come from the upcoming release.

Peepholes - Tunnels

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9 November 2011

New: Die Jungen - Cold Night

Die Jungen recently promised news on album details were to come soon - and with that promise came this little free to download teaser. 'Cold Night' follows on nicely from the Southampton-based artists' work to date in its gloriously retro, fuzzy vintage-pop charms - a gentle drum patter underlying the semi-spoken word vocals and that simple but utterly delightful bass-line. This is excellent.

COLD NIGHT by die jungen

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New: Fear Of Men - Doldrums

In the world of new music blogging 24 hours is an eternity and this post is probably already out-dated. Fear Of Men yesterday announced a limited-run cassette release, featuring songs recorded with Henry from Lovvers. They also unveiled 'Doldrums' from that cassette, and, as you'd expect with that kind of musical cocktail, it is excellent. Not that you need to take my word for it - listen and download below. Oh, and they're also touring with Bos Angeles, which is a no-brainer, really.

Fear Of Men - Doldrums

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8 November 2011

New: Islet - This Fortune

It's been a long time coming, by Islet have finally confirmed the release of their debut album. Called Illuminated People, it'll come out through their own Shape Records and Turnstile on January 23rd.

Luckily for us, the Cardiff four-piece are also giving away a track taken from it. 'This Fortune' is synth heavy and whirring noise - rallying between moments of loud panic and considered calm, much like their excellently loud and energetic live shows, backed by the 'tribal' that we've become familiar with. Needless to say it's good, and the full-length is likely to be more of the same.

Islet - This Fortune

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7 November 2011

New: Gorgeous Bully

The new track from Gorgeous Bully has slight a hint of Johnny Cash to it. That is, a slight hint of Johnny Cash behind tonnes of guitar and vocal distortion - something that the Plymouth musician has been making ace songs under for a good while now. With an EP out soon on Art Is Hard Records, and a seemingly effortless knack of writing pop songs buried below layers of noise, I'm looking forward to hearing more.

That kind of girl by gorgeous bully

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