15 February 2011

Pheromoans: Release Debut Album

Pheromoans full length album is something I've been looking forward to pretty much since the day I heard they'd be releasing it, so it's pretty good to see that it - in all its 17 track glory - is finally out now. Technically released yesterday (and posted on here today because I'm rubbish), It Still Rankles is out through Convulsive Records and, although I've not heard it yet, is sure to be crammed full of brilliant pissing around, lo-fi punk racket.

The Brighton/London/Gatwick Airport/generally south-East based five-piece were featured on this very blog back in November here if you want to read some superlatives. Otherwise head to Convulsive Records here to find out more info and details of how to order. You can also stream some non-album tracks below.

Pheromoans - Robotic Son

Pheromoans - Sussex Tomb 1

Facebook | Convulsive Records

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