26 August 2010

Gig of the Week: Cardiff, 30 Aug - 6 Sept

This week's gig of the week in Cardiff is another event promoted by Swn. See below:

Tuesday 31st August:
Swn Presents: Women / Idiot Glee / Drains
The Globe, Cardiff
£8 Advance

Swn, who announced further details of this year's festival line-up recently, present an evening with Women, Idiot Glee, and Drains at Cardiff's The Globe (Albany Road).

Women released their self-titled debut, a noisey gazey affair comparable to the likes of Deerhunter and Lovvers, to positive reviews in 2008, and their second album, Public Strain, was released in the UK last week, also to positive reviews.

Support comes from blog-loved choral-sensation Idiot Glee (featured on The Pigeon Post), and Cardiff's very own Drains.

Also worth noting include:
Cardiff Mcclusky-influenced alternative rock act Strange News From Another Star playing Chapter Arts Centre on Sunday 5th September (Facebook event), and Sweet Baboo's album launch at Clwb Ifor Bach on Saturday 4th September (Facebook event).

23 August 2010

The Louche F.C.

I hate to steal things from other people, especially when those other people are pleasant folk, so you should all know that this tip comes fresh from The Pigeon Post. The Louche FC are just one of many exciting bands which that blog has featured, so first and foremost you should head there. Here is what The Pigeon Post said about this band earlier this month.

As I said, I don't like that I am almost stealing this directly from another blog, but The Louche FC seem too good not to share. A nod to the likes of Black Tambourine, the Manchester-based three-piece make jangly and 'gazey indie pop that one can imagine The Drums guitarists' Holiday Records putting out.

Earlier recordings are instrumental and dreamy affairs, probably drawn up during lazy sunny afternoons, whereas female vocals accompany the 2 apparently more recent MySpace tracks. "Back Bedroom Casualty" has an almost surfy guitar twang whilst female vocals provide distant and echoed sounds to jangle guitar. "Four-Parts Bastard" sticks out among the other 3 tracks online. A drum machine works with heavier sounding bass and guitar, whilst reverb creates the din to which the vocals cut through.

Both the band's dreamier and heavier songs work effectively, and I really look forward to hearing more.

19 August 2010

Oui Messy

Oui Messy refuse to stick to any winning formula, and hats off to them for that.

A quick listen to their MySpace tracks and you will be immediately greeted with the post-punky "Salesman". Catchy guitar riffs accompany a driving bass-line, and vocal harmonies (well, in a sort of Young Knives-y way) lead up to one of the most memorable and immediately enjoyable choruses you will definitely hear for a while (I still remember it well, in fact, from one evening in Cardiff's Bar YK watching them support Saturday's Kids despite a heavy dose of alcohol - "All for the family, all for the family too!"). It's post-punk, relatively light-hearted fun.

From then on, one expects more of the same. Cardiff 3-piece Oui Messy have other ideas. "Example 1" is all dark noise and haunting spoken word distortion. A guitar plays on a loop and a drum beats in the background; screams and shouts pierce the noise every so often and bass muffles. It's a long way from the anthemic Salesman, but yet is equally as effective.

They demonstrate yet more diversity and strength through their 2 further tracks online. "Second House" is fast-paced and choppy, with a bass-line that could happily sit on any Police record. Lyrics are spat out almost in the Gareth Los Campesinos style at times, and the whole song has a vintage feel to it that I struggle to trace the roots of. It's good, nonetheless. "Come Roll Over" sees yet more change, with an almost ska and funk (as ska and funk as post-punk can get, that is) to the rallying guitar and bass parts, and a Babyshambles styled sound creeps in at times. All for the family, all for the family too!

Oui Messy are comparable to Cardiff bands Joy of Sex and Saturday's Kids (blog posts here) and, like them, are really starting to make a name for themselves in the city.

Support slots for numerous noteworthy bands left, right, and centre and a debut EP on its way, Oui Messy are one to keep an ear out for. And to see live.

14 August 2010

Gallops Update - EP Release

I won't bore you with how much I love Gallops' live shows (a lot, in brief). I am just here to tell you that the Wrexham-based electro/post-rock/math-rock four-piece release their debut EP quite soon - and to urge you all to buy a copy.

I've been lucky enough to be sent the self-titled effort, released 23rd August through Holy Roar Records, from The 405 to review. Obviously I don't want to spoil the excitement of reading that review by telling you what the 5-track self-titled release is like now, but I will say that the recordings live up to expectations created (mostly) from past live shows and is most definitely worth getting your hands on.

You can buy an EP and t-shirt bundle for £12, or just the EP on its own for £5, from the Holy Roar Records online shop. I'm sure it'll be stocked in Cardiff's Spiller's Records, too, for all ye local folk.

Edited to add:

My review of the EP can now be found online at The 405.