10 February 2011

Mood Rings

Mood Rings recreate the sound of yesteryear, just like many others bands do, but, unlike many of their peers who adopt similar approaches to songwriting, the Georgia-based group are very particular in their selections of which music from yesteryear to take influence from, and are also very good in their execution of this.

Despite their sound being heavily influenced by the music of the past, it’s the types of music that the band are influenced by that also makes it very now. It might be that they just happen to love the music that is so popular and fashionable right now, or it might be slightly that the band know just which combinations of genres will get bloggers twitching in anticipation after reading about or hearing them.

Year of Dreams would sit entirely comfortably on the new Smith Westerns album, with clear 70s rock (and many of its branch-off genres) influences in both the vocals and in one of the guitar lines, but also 60s pop influences in the drum beat and in a second echoing guitar line. Heavy Favorite continues the band along 60s pop and doo-wop lines - enough to satisfy any Frankie Valli fan wanting some new material; whereas Washer sees them step into darker, even more reverb-y territory. Heavily distorted guitar strums and echoing vocals with still a hint of that 60s surf-pop influence recap The Jesus and Mary Chain side of the shoegaze era.

I don’t really care which one of those is true, to be honest. I’m just enjoying the result of it for now. Free songs below or on their own bandcamp, and also a free EP, Sweather Weather on this bandcamp page here.

Mood Rings - Heavy Favorite

Mood Rings - Washer

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