28 January 2011

Yes Know

One of the great things about music is that there’s stuff to suit all moods and moments. To get the best out of some music, you need to have four pints of beer sloshing around in your stomach and a big field to stand around in the sun in – the speakers blaring out, the bass thudding you in the chest like fist into a punch bag. Other music is best enjoyed in a relaxed and quiet evening, the moonlight shining into your bedroom as you sit alone in a half-asleep daze.

The music of Californian Sandy Gilfillan aka Yes Know firmly sits in the latter camp of sounds. Chilled out and frankly beautiful, Sandy’s dreamy vocals sit alongside all sorts of twinkling sounds and soft, sparse beats (when there are any) while guitar is softly strummed. It’s by no means chillwave, but it has that similar relaxed and hazy feel – they’re entirely hypnotising and wholly captivating sounds.

There are lots of tracks available on bandcamp, though they are apparently just a group of songs and strictly not an album. According to Sandy the album isn’t ready, but as far as my ears can tell this is more than good enough right now. Listen to and download a pick of some songs below. Usually, these would be long thought out selections to show the artist in the best light, but with Yes Know there was really little need to be selective at all.

Yes Know - Crumble Or Flow

Yes Know - Roll

Yes Know - The Upward Stairs

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