11 January 2011


Florida’s Levek may have been first blogged in 2009 last year, made some blogs best of 2010 lists, and possibly even have been active since 2008 (judging from MySpace dates), but that doesn’t mean I can’t share his stuff now, right? It’s seriously good, so it’d seem a shame not to.

The work of David Levesque, apparently a former school bus driver if you believe the words that anybody who has ever written about him has mentioned, Levek is self-described as “Mickey Mouse tribal sounds”.

As sarcastic as that may sound, much of the music isn’t actually that far off the description. NW 4th St., for instance, genuinely sounds like it should soundtrack Lion King, and Heave Ho, taken from the Dumbo EP brings forth childhood visions of the seven dwarves. But that’s not to say it’s silly music. Tracks are (largely) layered and complex experimental pop – ranging through tribal rumbles, clicks, and tings to jazzy/progressive styled drum patterns, wonderful and wonky vocals (sometimes in acapella styling or harmonised beautifully), moments of Dirty Projectors guitar shuffling, hints of synth, handclaps, to even moments of panpipes. From moments of dark drama to complete celebratory joy, Levek doesn’t sit still for one minute.

For fans of Islet, Connan Mockasin, and the obvious Dirty Projectors, Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear.

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Levek - NW 4th St.

Levek - Look On The Bright Side

Levek - Dream Entry No 1

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