26 January 2011

Livid Kids

This is a lazy and frankly half-arsed write-up, but I’m in a bit of a rush (which is a poor excuse, I know), and all you really want is to hear the songs rather than read my words anyway.

Livid Kids are a two-piece from Indiana, making lazy lo-fi garage rock along Beat Happening and Moldy Peaches lines. Vocals have that lack of caring, atonal quality – slowly dragging on whilst the guitar and drums and franticly worked alongside them, which makes for a nice effect. It was apparently recorded in a bedroom. I wish I was the next door neighbour.

Michael Bishop/On The Green LP, their second release, is out now and available on their bandcamp.

Livid Kids - Be Cool

Livid Kids - Arcade

Bandcamp | MySpace

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  1. Adam from Livid Kids and SOMETHING.civil here, thanks for the post!