21 January 2011

Under Alien Skies

What happens when you take all of the best music of the last few years and compact it into one EP? A band trying their hardest to thrust themselves into the hipster limelight? An over-complicated and poorly flowing collision of incompatible sounds? Maybe for most bands, but not if you’re Under Alien Skies, apparently.

Their sounds feels fresh from a dream, the north-Walian duo combining woozy harmonised vocals, tender trip-hop beats, electro-tinged wavy reverb and world-y influences creating just the sort of laid-back sounds for a hungover Saturday morning.

They’re soon to be touring and are also in the process of putting together a full-length release - though there are no firm details of either just yet. Until then, listen below, or hear the Paste EP and download the Powder EP from their bandcamp.

Under Alien Skies - Papillion

Under Alien Skies - Overseas

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