25 January 2011


With all the wonderful music from around the world readily available at the tip of a finger, bands perhaps have an even tougher time than in previous years deciding exactly which styles will contribute to their own sounds, and which are simply more to be enjoyed rather than replicated. Of course, there’s always the argument that you could just cram all of your favourite music into your own and hope that it comes out as some sort of coherent sound rather than a big, confusing mess. After all, it’s worked for Brighton’s Soccer96.

Forcing together psychedelic world sounds with electronica, post-rock, math-rock, and even prog and jazz, the two-piece come out the end of the long and dark tunnel smelling of roses and with all the girls trailing behind them. It’s simultaneously fun yet kind of in-your-face, both chilled out and laid back yet impressive. And taking influence for your name from legendary gaming systems like the Megadrive and NES – well, that’s just inspired.

Soccer96 should be touring the UK (perhaps with Illness, previously featured here) soon, and are looking to also release an EP in the coming months. Until then, listen and download below.

Soccer96 - Level8Clouds

Soccer96 - SuperWarrior

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