10 January 2011

Red Psalm

Post-punk has really had a kick in the teeth from mainstream bands in the past few years. For a genre so important and creative, recent dull Joy Division carbon copies (White Lies, Editors, Chapel Club etc) will have left a generation of youth wondering what the fuss was all about. If there was any justice in this industry, Red Psalm would storm the charts and re-inspire the masses.

Red Psalm is Kansas City’s John Dickson. Basic guitar lines accompany bass-snare drum machine, buzzing bass, whirring synth, and John’s recognisable deep monotone vocals and some noisey droning effects. As obvious as it is that this is the music of one man sat in his bedroom recording on a laptop, the music still manages to hold an unnerving and powerful feel – atmospheric and dark psych-y post-punk. This is good.

Stay Subtle EP will be out this year on AMDISCS.

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Red Psalm - Your Wedding Cake

Red Psalm - Colorhouse

Red Psalm - Monster City