18 January 2011

Their Only Dreams

The more years go by, the more new things are tried, the more difficult it becomes for musicians to make sounds that can be considered truly original. Dubstep producers cut and sample stuff from the past, adding their own beats and twists; some bands not always succesfully try to make something completely their own, but the vast majority of (usually mainstream) bands regurgitate sounds from the past without even an ounce of originality.

Their Only Dreams is Californian-based musician David Lyudmirsky. David borrows bits and bobs from the past, namely 70s psychedelia along David Bowie/Lou Reed/Gary Numan (sorry for being uninventive, but it’s probably quite accurate) lines with vocals sometimes reminding of Lennon, but puts his own stamp on things, too – hints of electro experimentation, sprinklings of world music, and even an appreciating of the lo-fi/more minimal sound, David perhaps benefitting from the retrospective, avoiding some of the lesser enjoyable traits of the era such as the ‘big’ and brash sounds that could be/have been seen as pretentious or, even worse, show-boating.

Their Only Dreams music is interesting, unusual, and pop enjoyable. Listen and download some stuff below, or head to Their Only Dreams’ bandcamp page for full album (all three tracks below) Darling In Dream Dimension - 14 tracks of more of the same.

Their Only Dreams - Calculator In The Sky

Their Only Dreams - So Far So Close

Their Only Dreams - OMGSDS

MySpace | Bandcamp | thanks to Ryan Gabel (Arc Light) for the tip

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