14 January 2011


Bands often share members. That’s obviously commonplace. But Cardiff as a city seems to have a higher proportion of bands sharing members than most other places. Perhaps it’s because that, for a capital city with lots going on culturally and a large student population, it’s quite a small place, or perhaps it’s just because it’s the music scene I know the most about. Probably that one, to be honest.

Regardless, VVOLVES (two v’s, not one w) are a band that fit into the possibly invalid Cardiff-band-members-share theory. Lead-singer Tom is also (or perhaps previously – not sure if they are still active) of electro-guitar one-man-band Zimmermans (who were part of the Swn 09 line-up), and the other three members were formerly of Byd Dydd Sul, and bassist Rhys also of personal south-Wales favourite Saturday’s Kids (previously blogged here).

A four-piece split between Monmouth and Cardiff, VVOLVES make unusual and interesting sounds; buzzing-synth led indie rock songs with distorted, chopped up vocals, minimal guitar taps, and pop hooks – and managing it without seeming gimmicky or false. Driving drum beats and synth lines help to make the music catchy and accessible, but not to a point where the songs are too much or just annoying, but there are also plenty of noisey moments of synth echoing and vocal effects to keep things interesting. It'd perhaps benefit from being slightly more on the edgey and experimental side, but for now this will certainly do.

Perhaps the benefit of having musicians in a number of different bands is the varied musical tastes of the band members, and the interesting sounds that often come of this.

VVOLVES’ EP Wolves - about as DIY as it comes with personalised artwork for each – is out through independent label Peski Records on January 31. Listen and download below or hear more at Peski's SoundCloud.


VVOLVES - Sailing From Youth

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