17 January 2011

Lizard Queen

With every new blog post, I try to avoid things becoming boring by saying something a bit different from the previous few posts, when, a lot of the time, all I really want to say is “THIS BAND MAKES REALLY GOOD MUSIC PLEASE LISTEN TO IT.”

Lizard Queen is a band from the northwest of England, near Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield and Wakefield, but not near enough to any of these places to call them a Leeds/Bradford/Huddersfield/Wakefield-based band. Among its four members is Will Jones, drummer for and brother of Louis Jones and his band Spectrals, who sings here in Lizard Queen.

Like Spectrals, Lizard Queen opt for a lo-fi sound to songs, though with a far more gruff and heavy feel (not too different from upcoming Suffering Jukebox releasees Brown Brogues, who I posted the video of here) - vocals are waffled with mic-distortion and guitars riff under a sheet of feedback. Though they might be much heavier in sound - guitars strummed, vocals delivered and drums crashing all with an aggression behind them - songs do still hold enough of a pop hint to make them full sing along catchy, though perhaps beware joining in on I'm Afraid, at least when your mum’s around, while Will sings “maybe we should hang out so I can fuck your brains out” in a droning in-your-face kind of way. THIS BAND MAKES REALLY GOOD MUSIC PLEASE LISTEN TO IT.

That was refreshing. Lizard Queen have an EP, possibly on tape, due out shortly. Listen to two out of the four songs from it below. No webspace as of yet, though, as far as I know.

Lizard Queen - Take It Easy

Lizard Queen - Fun?

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