27 January 2011

Aux Arc

Aux Arc aren’t the newest band you’ll find being written about on the internet given that they were blogged about almost a year ago now, but they may well be one of the more underrated. Yet they seem to have been largely ignored and unheard since being blogged about back then, despite it being the kind of music that you’d expect to find its way to every crevasse of HypeMachine in mere moments of retweeting and via’s.

Formed of three guys based in Savannah, Georgia, Aux Arc make perfect pop music, albeit influenced by a lap around the globe and a step back to the doo-wop of the 60s. Vocals – when not harmonised in celebrator manner – carry a melancholic fragility, often while guitar licks, piano tinkles and all sorts of manipulated noises and other additions (whistling, harmonica and others) dance merrily in the background. It’s just really fun music.

I’m not too sure how it’s pronounced, but if you believe other bloggers, it might be “oz-ark” or something vaguely similar.

Aux Arc - Round House

Aux Arc - Jumps

Aux Arc - Highnoon

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