8 July 2011

Competition: Foot Village Brighton Tickets

Hello all. Basement Fever are back with OUR BIGGEST AND BESTEST COMPETITION YET and all you need to do is answer ONE SIMPLE QUESTION. That's right. Go on. Read on. I dare you not to.

Once again linking up with One Inch Badge - our Brighton-based promoting and label-running e-chums - we have two tickets to give away to one lucky reader to Furballs; a live music extravaganza taking place on THURSDAY 21ST JULY at Green Door Store, featuring Foot Village and support from Bitches, Peepholes, and Negative Pegasus.

Foot Village are from LA and are noise merchants of the highest order; using strictly drums and shouty vocals to communicate their message that music just isn't weird enough. Fans of Sonic Youth, Mclusky, Future of the Left and high decibels will most certainly enjoy.

Foot Village - Lovers With Iraqis

Bitches are a London two-piece, involving themselves in anti-social and scrappy post-punk sounds, with shouty boy-girl vocals rallying back and forth and plenty of atonal guitar feedback.

Bitches - Wallett

Peepholes are London/Brighton-based and synth-led, but that doesn't make them any less punk or fucking noisy than the rest of this line-up. Female fronted and absolutely frantic, these are absolutely ace and I've been wanting to see them for ages.

Peepholes - Carnivore

And Negative Pegasus are Brighton-based and furiously noisy also, though dealing more with heavy, feedback drenched psych-rock than the reverb-punk of the rest of the line-up. Featured on NME today, these definitely won't be timid in opening up the show.

Negative Pegasus - Psychic Energy

A genuinely excellent line-up at probably my favourite Brighton venue. To win, answer the following question: Which band was Negative Pegasus' Todd Jordan formerly in (hint: HERE)? Was it:

a) Todd and the Dead Seas of Jordan
b) My Device
c) Nick Cave and the Bad Eggs

Email your answer to basementcompetitions@gmail.com - along with your name and address - BEFORE Thursday July 14, when one winner will be picked at random. One entry per person. 18+ only. Strictly no "re-selling" or any of that rubbish, and please only enter if you can definitely attend.

Best of luck.

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