27 July 2011

Water Moccasins

So this is ace. New music from a dude from New Hampshire, formerly in The QC, apparently - and now going by the name Water Moccasins.

EP Broken Tone is four tracks of luscious, woozy, beautiful noise - the first half slightly more melodic and tuneful, the second more experimental and dreamy. Layers of delicate synth lay atop reverberating guitar and modest vocals to stunning effect. It's this kind of thing that makes you fully understand why some people refer to shoegaze as 'dream pop'.

This is really, really good. Listen below, or download the full EP for free from bandcamp.

Water Moccasins - Gone

Water Moccasins - Stay Here

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  1. this is rad as fuck. I love all the bands you post on here. I wish I had found this site years ago