9 July 2011

New: Joanna Gruesome

The line between taking influence from and merely imitating is fine and highly subjective. What one person lauds as a respectful nod to, someone else will call direct plagiarism. This is an age old debate, and one that will undoubtedly never be resolved.

Indeed with acts like Cardiff five-piece Joanna Gruesome opinion will be split. Their fuzzy guitar and twee boy-girl vocal pop sound is by no means a new one - yet at the same time it's not a massively popular genre that they've decided to sound like so that they immediately shoot to fame. They're just a few kids making the kind of music that they love, and that's cool with me.

Hear a few older tracks on Basement Fever back here, or listen to the two newer ace demos below.

Joanna Gruesome - Sugar Crush

Joanna Gruesome - Madison

Bandcamp | Facebook

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