29 July 2011


There are no two ways about it; Flamingods are weird. They make the kind of noise that is impossible to pin down to one genre alone - exploring a wide range of sounds, and creating them with unusual methods.

The London five-piece are perhaps most easily comparable to Islet - percussion-led experimental sounds, touching on 'freak folk' and 'tribal' through the use of distorted vocal samples and synths, and with an interest in a range of worldwide musical cultures. Much like Islet's are, you expect Flamingods' live shows to be an interesting and unusual spectacle, not to mention one that is difficult to keep up with.

Although their sound doesn't initially seem to be a particularly inviting one - all experimental noisy racket - it's well worth sticking with and getting lost in. Listen below, or download a full album for free at bandcamp.

Flamingods - Sun

Flamingods - If You Can Walk

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