16 March 2011

Negative Pegasus

Brighton’s Negative Pegasus - fronted by Todd Jordan formerly of My Device - make noisy, droning, and reverberating psychedelic rock. Best served: mildly heated, in a dark room, loud. Perfect with: a slightly pissed off mood or a bunch of well collated friends. Also a perfect companion for live outings.

These make we want to nod my head aggressively and stomp my feet.

Find out if they give you the same response by heading to their bandcamp or listening below. Alternatively, catch them live - in London supporting Sightings on April 6 at The Grosveor, or in Brighton headlining at Cowley Club on April 13.

Negative Pegasus - Psychic Energy

Negative Pegasus - For Life

Negative Pegasus - Visitation

Bandcamp | Facebook

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