17 March 2011


As unlikely a place as north Wales may seem to the outside world, it’s been kicking out some pretty top bands recently. Most people will already know of Gallops, who played BBC Introducing’s Reading stage to good response a few years back and are currently in Austin for SXSW, as well as instrumental surf wonders Y Niwl. There’s an ever growing list of newer and lesser known acts coming through too - the likes of Under Alien Skies, Swathes, and Mowbird all with strong and interesting output - and now Dancers can be added to the list also.

Coming from Denbigh, Dancers make music the likes of which are pretty well documented up to now. They’re pretty laid-back and downbeat, mostly fuzzy guitar-led tracks – not too dissimilar to the likes of Yuck, as well as Falmouth-act The Black Tambourines – but they’re good enough tracks that, despite the fairly common sound, are still well worth giving a spin. It’s not just a sound that they share with The Black Tambourines, but also some sort of self-awareness with regards to their sound. Both bands fully aware that there’s every chance someone will want to call their music at least slightly ‘surf’, they nip it in the bud immediately; The Black Tambourines titling a track “I Can’t Surf”, Dancers opting for “I Hate The Beach”. It’s certainly not surf music, and in honesty, it's not even close. Got Away With It is kind of fuzzy indie rock - lyrically self-reflecting, mirrored by the seemingly mournful fuzzy guitar layers, and Stay A While? is similarly downbeat and noisey in a fairly shoegazey way.

Whatever you want to call their music, it’s certainly pleasant on the ears. Listen below:

Dancers – Stay A While

Dancers – Got Away With It

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