21 March 2011

Cool Cult

Being in a band at a young age always carries the risk of turning into disaster. Ideas are yet to fully form, musical tastes and influences are still developing and thus musical output can sometimes be a little questionable. Usually that’s okay because no one ever hears it, but if the band gains some press attention, that’s when it has the potential to inflict some long lasting damage. Sometimes it works out okay. After all, Daniel Blumberg was in the questionable, middle of the road indie band Cajun Dance Party before the massively hyped and increasingly successful fuzzed up Yuck. Still, it’s easy to imagine it not working that way in many instances.

Australia's [edit: New Zealand's] Cool Cult definitely have the potential of being one of those bands whose early start hinders them in the long run, given that some members are barely at the tender age of 18. Putting out an EP last year, the band members themselves already dislike the release, thinking that the songs aren’t and believing it was the wrong musical choice (interview over here). This could be the perfect example of how youth and bands don’t go together. If the music was rubbish, that is, but actually it’s really not.

Said EP Zombies was out in May of 2010 and, although clearly not new, is largely unheard and under-appreciated. It’s all jerky, surf-y, scruffy indie to really great effect and you have to admire the band’s experimental and inquisitive nature whilst also sticking to a sound that is firmly pop. The band themselves may not like it, but I do.

Cool Cult should also be releasing a new EP soon, so at least this post has a little relevance. Don’t expect it to sound much like their first, though. Listen to a song taken from their Zombies EP (available on Bandcamp for free), as well as a track that didn’t quite make it onto their upcoming EP, below.

Cool Cult - Hold Light

Cool Cult - Animals

Cool Cult - Washed Out

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  1. Hey there - not to sound anal, but Cool Cult are New Zealanders :) We've already had Australia claim a number of our bands!!!

  2. I did actually know that, but wrote Australia for some reason. Thanks!