7 March 2011

P For Persia

Some bands are really noisey. Noise to a level where there is no melody whatsoever. This is perfectly good. Music is art, and noisier music is just as relevant as pop music and should be appreciated just as much. But sometimes it’s a little difficult to listen to, naturally. Sometimes you want that noise - lots of harsh sounds, guitar reverb, cymbal crashes - but also some cohesion and some melody, just to soften the experience a little.

Well, sometimes I want that anyway. I won’t speak on your behalf. But if sometimes you also would like some melody with your servings of harsh noise then Brighton’s P For Persia might be the band for you. Combining synth-y experimentation with heavily distorted, sometimes shouty vocals (at times through a converted telephone), with plenty of lengthy instrumental moments, percussive smashing, guitar riffing, bass buzzing and general raucous fun, but also with definite hints of pop, P For Persia tick lots of my ‘stuff I like’ boxes. As well as sounding good in their recorded output thus far (full-length Mount Muffin Top was a few years in the making but the effort more than pays off), live shows are good fun too, from what I’ve seen (well, this), and the band know how to bring their element of pissing-around-fun to the stage.

You can check out a short documentary on P For Persia made by Brighton band Illness here. Hear more stuff below, and download aforementioned full-length Mount Muffin Top for free from their bandcamp page.

P For Persia - Firing Line

P For Persia - Cliche

P For Persia - Queen Doppelpoplis

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