8 March 2011

Fear Of Men

Brighton/London androphobes (or perhaps not) Fear Of Men seem to have emerged out of nowhere. A bit like that scene on Toy Story (the only one that matters – numero uno) where the toys come out of the sandbox and freak Andy the fuck out, Fear Of Men ascend from the swathes of other bands, but give you a kiss on the cheek and turn you all bashful rather than sending you into a fear-driven frenzy.

Sex Is Disgusting, as always, are on the ball super early as are the likes of The Pigeon Post (well, Matthew writing for This Is Fake DIY) and Sonic Masala - and it’s with super good reason, too. Their female-led, lo-fi jangly pop songs are not only on the button with the popular trends of today, they’re also really good.

Their cassette on Sex Is Disgusting is no longer available through the label themselves, though is apparently still grabbable (in return for cash - strictly no muggings allowed) from the band themselves - such as when they support Nodzzz at Brighton’s Green Door Store on 25 March. Listen and download below and hear more on bandcamp.

Fear Of Men - Phantom Limb

Bandcamp | Twitter

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