28 October 2010

Swathes: More Stuff

The music made by Swathes is enjoyable. But it's also highly impressive. The instrumental noise of Swathes, reminiscent of much of the shoegaze scene of yesteryear; droningly swirling and bloating, is quite incredibly made by one man alone.

I've almost seen Matt Webber, the man behind Swathes who is based in North Wales, live twice. The first time was at Cardiff Arts Institute (complete technology fail) and the second at 1234 Shoreditch (though at one of the festival's after-parties, not the festival itself, it transpired). Both times I was pretty annoyed, but pleasantly I can now sit here alone in this cold, bland bedroom of mine, shut my eyes, and imagine myself with a beer in hand standing in a crowd of skinny-jeaned types finally managing to experience all of the loops, drum machines and guitar noise unfold right before my eyes; for Matt has posted a link (he did it months ago but I've only just noticed) to a live radio session.

Download the four live tracks from Swathes' very own bandcamp here, and don't forget to say "thank you".

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