24 March 2010


The debut album by ARMS was one that I felt didn't get the man enough credit. Kids Aflame, with is indie folk rock sounds (think Cold War Kids for an easy comparison), received a harsh, but still decent, 6.1 on Pitchfork and proved ex-Harlem Shakes guitarist Todd Goldstein was more than capable of doing things alone. Tracks like "Whirring" and "Shitty Little Disco" demonstrated the knack for catchy (but definitely serious) indie rock meolodies accompanied by Goldstein's deep, resonating vocals, whereas "Kids Aflame" and "Tiger Tamer" are somewhat more delicate affairs; acoustic guitar (or maybe ukelele?) strummed over harmonised vocals, sounding almost like Bon Iver.

The good news is, ARMS, now less a solo project and more a band proper with full-time bassist and drummer recruited, is back with a new EP. And, even better news is, this is free to download! Named simply "EP", the new five-track EP has a similar feel to the debut effort; much of it would be classifieded as chilled out indie rock, with folk and country influences. It's decent on first listen, and will likely grow on me.

Click here for a free, legal download of the full EP. For more info, head to ARMS' website, MySpace, or Twitter.

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