15 March 2010


Photo by Paul Gregory of Lense Eyes

Gallops grabbed my attention immediately when I first saw them. That I without doubt remember. What I'm not completely sure is when it was I first saw them. But I think it was at Swn Festival 2008, back in them early reviewing days of mine. I distinctly remember totally, and yet completely accidentally, ripping off another review of Gallops by describing them almost identically (it was a review that I had forgotten I'd read but clearly subconsciously agreed with and thus regurgitated at a later date).

The review (my copycat review) in question described Gallops as the following;
Incredible stuff from the Wrexham post-rock four-piece who opt for energy and an electro math-rock punch in the face over a Mogwai gentle caress approach to instrumental post-rock.
To be fair, it's understandable why my subconscious liked it as it's pretty accurate; Gallops are experts at hitting you with a brick wall of sound. Their approach to math-rock is indeed that of well-bashed snare drums and bassy-electro sounds. Think along the lines of Holy Fuck and Battles, only potentially better. Seriously.

It's an understatememt to say that recordings don't do Gallops justice (though this is nothing against their current recordings and is something that may well change with their eagerly anticipated debut EP), you really must see Gallops live. They are most probably the best live band I have ever seen. They create an incredible atmosphere, regardless of whether they play to a crowd of fans or a small pub filled with those less aquainted with their music. I find the drummer completely hypnotising. There's almways so much going on and he doesn't half smash the shit out of those drums (so much so that their Swn 09 set went on with a split snare skin). And whilst the drumming stirs up a hurricane with some incredible fills and the laptop creates a bassy bleepy buzz, their is still room for intricate guitar work and even at times some heavy riffs.

You really have to head to Gallops' MySpace - they are probably the only band whose page I bother going to just to listen to their tracks - but even more importantly you must go to see them live. It is a decision that you will not regret.

Gallops are in the final stages of preparing their debut EP for release, and have a number of upcoming shows. In the mean time, watch them "rocking out" on the BBC.

Edited to add:
For a free download of a new song of their's, head to A New Band A Day.

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