15 March 2010


Once again, I'm not particularly new with Yuck. Well, I am. I've known of them for a while, but only just have I got around to writing some things about them. So I think I still qualify as cool as funk.

I could describe Yuck in a way that would bore you. In fact, I will to start with (and, frankly, probably continue with). Yuck could be seen as another one of those catchy lo-fi indie fuzz pop bands that we've all become accustomed with over the past year or so. They have boy-girl harmonies and, actually most surpisingly when you listen to the band, include ex-members of Cajun Dance Party. But they are this, and so much more.

"Georgia" (which is the second most played song in the last three months, according to those trusty Last FM folk) is an incredibly catchy fuzz-pop masterpiece with an emotive feel that tucks you in and keeps you warm at night. The vocals are delicate yet strong, the guitar riff distorted yet incredibly easy to swallow and I defy you to listen to it and not love it. It's like dancing at a funeral, celebratory and upbeat but with a deep sadness and feeling of grief.

"Automatic" goes all out at tugging at your heartstrings, with no blanket of catchy pop riffs to cover up the despair. The boy-girl vocal work again is delicate, with a fragility and almost desperate feel backed only by a piano for the most-part, which for me brings forth images of a lone pianist in a dark empty room - the simple pressing of keys seems almost too much effort with all the feelings of sorrow that the poor sod is having to deal with.

The band are getting themselves noticed by the right people, and this news is something which pleases me. Not long back did they support Dum Dum Girls in London, but this summer they also go on tour with Japandroids and look set to have a bright future.

New single, "Georgia" has just been released and is available on vinyl here. "Sunday" is available for free download here, and more info can be found at the band's blog and MySpace. Enjoy.

Edited to add:
Legendary noise pop act Black Tambourine are also a good point of comparison.

For anyone still not convinced, check out the new free download posted by the band at their blog.

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