5 March 2010

Saturday's Kids

I first saw Saturday's Kids a few months back supporting Lovvers. To be honest, probably the first emotion they evoked was fear. All I saw was an incredibly angry teenager who spat inconprehensible lyrics as ferociously as Johnny Rotten backed by a band of schoolmates thrashing away at their instruments. But what took my interest that night was how, mid-thrash, they would slow down revealing a much more intricate side to their work. That night I took a demo disc off of the lead singer, Sion, which I have grown to love. Since this first gig, I've listened to this disc extensively and I've really grown to like the band. So much so that I featured them as my university student newspaper's band of the month, wrote up a piece on them, including an interview, for The 405, and persuaded them to write a tour diary for The 405 which will be online soon enough.

Add them to MySpace, and download their 5-track demo EP and hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I do. But remember, be patient.

Saturday's Kids - Social Crimes

Saturday's Kids - Telling Lies To Our Children

Saturday's Kids - Passing Vehicles

Edited to add: And the tour diary, with photos, for The 405 is now online here.

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