16 March 2010

Fang Island

I'm just listening to Fang Island on Spotify now after reading a good review of the album on Pitchfork, and I too am enjoying it, so I thought I'd spread the love (it also helps that I am incredibly bored...).

It's sort of post-rock, a little math-rock and most definitely definitely rock rock. It has a sort of instrumental feel, though does have the odd bit of vocal work, as pointed out by those pedantic Last FM taggers. At times it has an incredibly cheesey feel with guitar riffs that elsewhere I may cringe at, but here it really works. The band apparently describe their music as everyone high fiving everyone, which is a visual image that accompanies this album well. It's fun.

So yeah, check out the album on Spotify, buy it, or stream it through links available from the band's MySpace. You (hopefully) won't be disappointed.

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