23 March 2010

To Guest-List or Not To Guest-List..?

This little moral dilemma is something that I've been considering for quite a while. Should I feel that I 'deserve' free entry to the show because I am paying for it in the currency of press coverage? Or should I support the band that I'm going to watch and, probably, big up.

I know there are some writers that don't like to ask for guest-list as they feel they are taking away both money from the band and also stopping a potential paying customer from seeing them. And then there are those like me who, so far, at least, feel that free entry to a show isn't too much to ask in return for a review.

I suppose one consideration would be who you are getting the guest-list pass from.

If it's the band themselves sticking you on the guest-list, then I guess that is their way of giving permission - and they get rewarded by the people reaidng about their band on the review I write.

If it's the venue, or promoter, on the other hand, you have to wonder whether the band is losing out from my name being on the guest-list rather than someone else paying to get in. Does the promoter recognise that this band is gaining some press coverage for the gig and the venue. Are the bands getting paid a split of the bar money for the night?

I don't know the answer to these questions. I just hope that they band isn't missing out on money from the generosity of the promoter or the venue.

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