18 May 2011


"Sometimes it's afreedom to forget about songs lyrics & structures and just do noises" say Brighton's Luckyhorse on their bandcamp page, and I think that's about all you need to know.

It doesn't break any boundaries, but it's fun, enjoyable and something a little different. The kinda music that should soundtrack either some cutesey indie film, or the next Toy Story. I'll be interested to see where this goes. Oh, and going by images alone, I have a feeling this is linked to our good and worldly friend World Map. Could be wrong though.

Luckyhorse - Ahreet

Luckyhorse - Jumping Up A Tree

Luckyhorse - 2 Pint Carton

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  1. Hi
    just stumbled accross your blog, thanks for featuring these tracks, the photo's are all ones i took myself. You're spot on with the 'cutesey indie fun film/soundtrackish' vibe - it describes exactly what i'd intended with these particular experiments.
    Really i'm a singer songwriter though, an if you're interested you can check out some of my recent swamp/country/blues things (album coming sometime soon i hope) here : http://www.youtube.com/user/luckyhorsecinema/featured
    ps. i have now sacked the Great white samsonite (suitcase kickdrum) and cosmic tambourine machine (pedaltamb) in favour of an old 1960's premier kick drum & pedal mounted snare. More vids & songs to go up with these soon.
    Cheers & all the best Simon (Luckyhorse)