19 May 2011


It's increasingly difficult to make truly original music, as more and more potential artistic avenues are explored by different bands and movements as years pass. A band stumbling upon an entirely unique sound would obviously be welcome, but when bands such as Bewilder come along with excellent nods to and twists of sounds from the past they are equally as welcomed.

Merging math-y guitar tap-and-slide guitar lines with a post-rock chilled out vibe, and sucking all the potential pretense out of both the sometimes-pretentious genres along the way, the Southampton band stumbled upon a sound that is actually somewhat their own on their 6-track This Isn't Life, It's Just Stuff EP release through excellent south-west label Art Is Hard. Topped off with calming vocal work, deft drum patterns and the odd bit of electronic and glockenspiel toe-dipping, this is a release truly to be enjoyed - especially given that it is housed in beautiful looking hand-made envelopes and accompanied by a band-made zine.

Order the EP from Art Is Hard's bigcartel site and it'll be sent on its release date of June 20, or download the entire thing for free from bandcamp now. Oh, and did I mention it has a whole song pretty much dedicated to Dwight from The Office?

Bewilder - I'm A Kid, That's My Job

Bewilder - Hard Working, Alpha Male, Jackhammer

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  1. thanks for the review bro. really lovely x