12 April 2011

World Map

So-called ‘world’ music has seen a huge revival in recent years, at least partly thanks to Animal Collective. The African influenced sound is pretty well known for its ‘tribal’ feel; layers of vocals, a gaggle of percussionists and generally stuff taken on by a group of people. Where Brighton-based artist Calum Bowen, aka World Map, differs is that he ambitiously attempts the sound alone.

Surprisingly it comes off incredibly well. Often sample heavy with plenty of brilliant Afro-influenced chinking and gliding guitar work and also supplemented by drum machine topped off by Calum’s unusual but effective vocals, it all comes together quite brilliant. Although at times it can be a little hit and miss (songs, for me, can sometimes lack a little direction or focus and at times rely slightly too heavily on samples), the consistency is about the only criticism that you can make. There are some real gems here.

How on Earth this would work live I doubt even Calum himself knows, but let’s just enjoy what we have rather than worry about the future, eh? Grab stuff below, or head to bandcamp for a full album of material plus a host of new songs as they come.

World Map - Wouldn't It Be Nice

World Map - Vulcan Shield

World Map - Needles

Bandcamp | Tumblr | Nicked from The Pigeon Post

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