25 May 2011

Night Janitors / Dream Popsicle

Night Janitors Dream Popsible split 7
Part of the draw of trawling bandcamp for music is that most of the time you know absolutely nothing about the band whose page you are on. As difficult as this can make finding more information on the bands, it does make stumbling upon something you like it all the more exciting and rewarding. Stuff just like this split 7" from Bloomington, USA (according to their bandcamp tags at least) bands Night Janitors and Dream Popsicle. Both woozy and fuzzy and yet both distinctly different, it's like a 7" made in dreamy pop heaven. Decide for yourself below or download all 4 tracks at bandcamp.

Night Janitors - Customers

Dream Popsicle - Caravan

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  1. These 2 are nice, ain't they? They feel like the audio equivalent of inhaling too much Salbutamol.